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Support For Stray Animals

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Sadri Alışık and Cemil Demirok, the producers of “Amadeus” and “Crocodile Fire”, said, “We need to protect stray animals with whom we share life and who are trying to live in difficult conditions. In order to contribute to them a little, we wanted to engage our audience to the cooperation with Payader, which was established by our friends with whom we worked together on different projects for years and with whom we had a heartfelt partnership. We would like to thank our audience who supported the project with the tickets they will buy.”

Ersin Çetinel, the Founding President of Payader, which was established to contribute to the awareness of stray animals and organizes activities to meet the health, nutrition and shelter needs of these animals; “Our cooperation to draw attention to street life and to realize that we share life; We attach great importance to providing sustainable support to their needs.

We thank SAKM and PIU for deciding to walk this path together. We believe that art and theater lovers' sensitivity towards stray animals, which we believe to have a healing power, will be instrumental in raising public awareness." said.