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Thanks to the transmitters of culture and art, today we can listen to the thousands of years old Sumerians stories with great enthusiasm, in which hundreds of years of melodies still fill the sky, we can laugh at Shakespearean plays, and sit side by side in historical open-air arenas where tired stones line up. What makes the world turn into a tiny village is neither the internet nor robotic technologies, but art and culture itself, the phenomenon that unites us all… 

Atlantis is a “360 Degree Entertainment” company that has been entrusted with this historic responsibility.

Entertainment. Beyond entertainment, organization and event management... A design, production, organization and "cultural experience" company covering Booking, Concert, Festival, Theater, Musical, Corporate Event, Digital Game Design, Series-Movie Production, Cultural Art Center Management.

At Atlantis, we create, produce, and organize integrated cultural, art, and entertainment productions, and in everything we do, we promise to deliver a "perfect entertainment" experience. We design and execute the world's most important cultural and artistic activities from beginning to end. We've succeeded global touring shows with the biggest stars and the most well-known musicals.

We bear the responsibility of cultural transmission as we implement our business, and we know that our path opens with the good feelings of millions of people we touch.

Our main purpose is to elicit powerful emotions, when we bring our productions to life from the Royal Albert Hall to Harbiye Open Air, to Broadway, or the most astonishing location you can imagine anywhere in the world.

Emotions that passed down from human to human and future generations.