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Organizations and events require specific approaches and solutions to each organization and business partner. This entails experience, a competent team, technical knowledge and skills. At Atlantis, our approach is very clear when providing end-to-end service at all scales from giant budget organizations to corporate events: “Your dealer, customer, employee or business partner, the stakeholders you aim to touch with the event, can read the spirit of the organization and your corporate messages correctly at every moment of the event, while you experience the comfort of attending as a guest of your event.” We have been serving in all areas of the world of event since 2000, from fairs to launch meetings, from brand-specific concert to festival designs and management to opening ceremonies, from internal communication events to light-sound-image focused greater production shows, from press meetings to conferences, from children's festivals to city shows. In these events, we provide services such as event concept, design, planning, and budgeting, event scenario and simulations, purchasing, production, field operation, follow-up, and impact analysis, among others. We have traveled all across Turkey with our corporate customers, whom we have been collaborating for a long time, from Ankara to Trabzon, Diyarbakır to İzmir, Karaman to Denizli, Antalya to İstanbul. We serve millions around the world and are constantly improving our corporate services based on the experiences of organizations in places like London, Edinburgh, Aachen, Bilbao, Belgrade, Baku, Lyon, Berlin, Bilbao, Bali, and Mexico City. We continue to share our operation, which has gained value with the references of leading institutions and brands of our country such as Vodafone, Turkish Airlines, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Turkcell, and Republic of Türkiye Directorate of Communications, by signing corporate memories that we are proud of.