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Let's meet in Turkcell Vadi, Turkey's newest outdoor stage with 2,200 seats and 3,000 standing stage front capacity, located in Vadi Istanbul, one of Istanbul's newest life centers, if you want to get to know us better. In this special area, where we operate with great enthusiasm and passion, you will feel the Atlantis business approach, from hospitality standards to architecture. We share knowledge we've gained from this key reference with other culture and arts organizations that ask for our assistance, and we also offer consulting services to our business partners in terms of content program management and field operations. One of our fields of activity that best reflects us is to create and maintain venues where local and foreign artists are hosted, touch all disciplines of culture, art and entertainment, and whose heart is always beating with content planning that spans the whole year, and whose architectural and physical characteristics are taken into account. Atlantis venues, which gain value with our parking, eating & drinking areas, ticket booths, in-room acoustics, security, cleaning and entrance-exit services, are always "in"!