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Our entertainment services are built on the base of our value-creating innovative approaches. We have set a global standard in Turkey’s first ‘booking office management’ service. We mediate the presence of the best names in the world at concerts, parties, and events around the world, carrying this service beyond representation and organization and transforming our service into an end-to-end solution consistent with our “360 Degree Entertainment” philosophy. Not only in Turkey but around the world, art centers, corporate firms, producers, organizers, and event owners have a chance to collaborate with hundreds of stars in the Atlantis portfolio with this special service experience. We represent the most valuable artists of Turkey and the world in the way they deserve, as an authorized booking office in marketing communication and all kinds of commercial agreements while managing their brand and reputation most effectively. Our broad portfolio of star singers, DJs, entertainers, actors, and performers is constantly updated with young stars and talents being discovered one after another. We offer a value-added service by not only meeting the customer demands but also analyzing the concept of the event to give suggestions to the selected star that will reflect the concept perfectly.