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A23 Medya

A23 Medya

A23 Medya, was founded in 2014. The company started its adventure with the documentary called Sanayi Savaşları (Industrial Wars). After this documentary, which was broadcast for two years, the documentaries called Su Savaşları (Water Walk), Çırak (Apprentice) and Bir Aş Hikayesi (A Story of a Food) were produced. The Water Walk documentary won the Documentary Program of the Year award at the Media Oscars Awards of the Association of Radio and Television Journalists.

A23 Medya has entered into the movie and series sector in addition to documentaries. The company's TV series Vuslat (Ultimate Union) attracted attention with its strong cast and impressive different scenario. 

In 2020, Tahta Kılıç (Wooden Sword) was produced, which tells the traces of the Kosovo War, in different cities of Kosovo. Filmed in Albanian in black and white, the film sheds light on a wounded country's present and counts the days to meet with cinema lovers.

A23 Medya aims to bring new series, documentaries and cinema films together with their different and quality content as well as the projects on the agenda